Holy Thursday Recollection

On this Holy Thursday, Jesus gave us the sacraments of the Eucharist and the Priesthood.

WOW!…Wow is a feeble attempt to describe Mass this evening…but WOW!  It was very beautiful and powerful.  I walked away from Mass this evening even deeper in my faith.   

In the missalette for today it gave a quick synopsis of the Mass for Holy Thursday and it asked,“As Jesus offers his ultimate love and eternal life to you, how will you offer his love to others?”  It made me think that is why I am doing this blog.  I hope through me, Jesus will be able to reach others.

Mass this evening was about the story of Jesus washing the feet of the apostles and the last supper.  It was profound to listen to Father C. talk about the priesthood and what priests and lay people through the ages have done to preserve this sacrament.  It was especially touching to hear the emotion in his voice as he talked about how much being a priest these 42 years have been to him.  Then, watching him wash the feet of some of the parishioners brought tears to my eyes.  It was so humbling to be witness to this and to imagine Jesus washing the feet of his apostles, the heirs of his Church.  Jesus knew he was going to be crucified the next day and instead of comforting himself, he was caring for his apostles.  Watching this taught me humility, love, and service of the Church.  Since Jesus did this act we, as followers of Jesus, must follow in his footsteps and serve the Church.  For some that is the priesthood, others it could be handing out leaflets to incoming parishioners, or talking openly about your faith.  It is all serving the Church which serves Jesus.  Faith is not complete without works.  It is in our hands to serve and keep the Church, as Jesus left it in the hands of his apostles, for the next generations.

Oh, the Eucharist Adoration!  The solemnity of Adoration this evening was so moving.  After Mass, we all walked in a procession to the Church Hall where Adoration of the Eucharist was to be held.  On the way out, Father C.  was holding the Eucharist so tenderly and  yet protectively.  It was in a gold chalice ( I know that’s not the right term but can’t find out what it is) and he had it wrapped in the sleeves of his robe held out before him.  I nearly trembled as he passed by me in the aisle.  You could almost feel that everyone in the Church were holding their breaths and there was barely a sound.  Then as Father C. was about half way down the aisle the people in the front pews started to get up to follow Father and process out of the Church and were knocking their kneelers back and making a racket.  Oh well 🙂  We all process out and around the Church in hushed tones and into the Church Hall.  I had to stop to the little girls room and came in after they started. 

It was my first Eucharistic Adoration so I didn’t know what to expect.  Some people were in chairs and some standing up but what blew my mind were the ones on their knees, on the cold, hard, concrete/tiled floor. I saw the young and the old.  On their knees before Christ.  The air was heavy with solemnity. I felt so tiny and so unworthy to be in the Lords presence, yet so grateful, I couldn’t wait to find a spot and drop to my knees in silent prayer.  The hard floor made my knees scream at first but as I became deeper in prayer the less I heard my knees.  Until, it was time to stand up, Yow-za!

Most of the parishioners left after Father C. left and I found a chair.  I sat there silently and prayed and gazed upon the Glorious Tabernacle.  I got my rosary out and prayed.  I couldn’t remember all of the mystery’s, since I am still learning it, so I meditated on the Mass this evening.  It was beautiful to be in the presence of the Eucharist this Holy Thursday and to spend time in Adoration.  I look forward to Adoration in the future.

I am looking forward to Holy Thursday of 2012, I will be only two days away from my confirmation at that point.  I wonder what additional knowledge I will have gained by that point and to see how even more meaningful it will be for me.

I am very excited about attending Good Friday services and Mass tomorrow.  I am also meeting with Father C. for the second time tomorrow morning to talk about coming into the Catholic faith.  Good Friday has a double meaning for me this year!  I can’t wait!


About Wandering the Path Home

This is the story of my return to the Catholic Church. I also have a blog, Back to First Position, documenting my journey as an adult beginner in ballet.
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