Good Friday Recollection

Today was a good day.  Jesus died for us so that we may have everlasting life.  He loved me enough to do this for me even though I would not be of this world for another two thousand years.  Yes, it is a good day.

Today, I met again with Fr C for our second meeting.  I really enjoyed my time talking with him about the Catholic faith and life.  My son was with me and he did very well.  He started off watching TV in the other room but made numerous appearances for either hugs, the bathroom, or to beg for additional attention. 🙂  Fr. C showed great patience with the interruptions.  Better than I was doing!  I am glad I could bring him with me to see Mommy taking her baby steps.  He wanted to meet again next week as well.  I am so glad I am fortunate enough to have these one on one meetings until RCIA starts next August with Fr. C.  I don’t know if we will continue this every week until RCIA but I am appreciative of the time I am able to spend with Fr. C.

Good Friday service this evening was amazing. It was the first I could ever recount attending so, I did not fully know what to expect. Mass was very somber.  It was a respectful observance that this is the day Jesus gave his life for us.  It was also beautiful because he did die for us because he loved us that much.  My husband and son accompanied me this evening for which I was so grateful.  I enjoy spending this time as a family with the Lord.  There was very little music and the church was bare of most ornamentation.  The tabernacle was empty and opened.  The Eucharist was still in Adoration in the Church Hall.  We read the Passion from the Gospel of John.  I enjoyed how it was read by the priests, deacons, and parishioners for different parts.  It truly came alive.  We said the prayers of the faithful offered for the unity of the universal Church.  Next was veneration of the cross.  I said before that I am known to cry in church and tonight the waterworks fell.  There had been very little singing or music until this point, but when the choir started singing during the veneration it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard.  It was almost like I had imagined the angels singing in heaven.  They truly sounded divine.  During the veneration of the cross on this Good Friday, it couldn’t have been more perfect.  It sounded like the angels singing and welcoming Jesus back to his seat next to the Father.  It was our turn to move forward, I was emotional as it is, but when I went forward and I kissed the feet of Christ (I didn’t feel worthy of anything higher and as a mother I wanted to kiss His wounds better) I almost could not contain myself.  We settled back down in our pews and there was a woman who had come forward and was nearly sobbing as she left the cross, which is all I needed, and I couldn’t get the tissues fast enough.  It was a Lenten miracle that my false eyelashes didn’t pop off.  It was profound to watch all of these people individually go up and venerate the cross.  It was humbling to be a part of this and to see so many others venerate the cross by showing their love, devotion, respect, and humility for Christ and his love for us.

After Mass, we went and had dinner, sushi!  I was really hungry after Mass since all I had today was half of a McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish sandwich  and a few fries at 11am and about 4:15 I was feeling a little faint and so I ate an apple.  I had been working so hard today to maintain my fast and I had worked my tail off cleaning the house and doing laundry I had really worked up an appetite.  Amazingly, during Mass my hunger had vanished.  I guess I had more things to devote my attention to than my stomach.  I liked having the sushi because it is small portions and I wouldn’t break the fasting and abstinence guidelines.

I am so excited to go to Easter Vigil tomorrow.  I don’t know what to expect (I think this is becoming a trend LOL) and I am eager to witness the candidates and catechumens complete their confirmation and come into the Church.  I can’t wait until it is my turn next year!

About Wandering the Path Home

This is the story of my return to the Catholic Church. I also have a blog, Back to First Position, documenting my journey as an adult beginner in ballet.
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4 Responses to Good Friday Recollection

  1. Martha R Bond says:

    You write so beautifully about what you heart says. I am so proud of you. – Mom

  2. jenniedee says:

    The Veneration of the Cross was a really amazing experience for me, too. To have the privilege to kiss His wounded feet… awe.

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