Easter Mass

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! 

Christ is Risen!


Easter Sunday, April 24, 2011

What a happy and glorious day the Lord has made!  Can you not feel the presence of what He has given us?  The greatest man on this earth died for us so that we may have life anew and to live again.  That is a precious gift from God.  Since Good Friday, I felt like there was a gaping hole in the universe with the thought of Jesus laying dead and cold in his tomb.  The light of the world had been extinguished.  The smell of hopelessness singed the air. What a despairing thought.  Lo and behold, He rose! He did that for us.  We certainly did not deserve it but He loved us just the same and He came back and extended us a loving hand, showing us the way.

Without any hesitation, I want to hold that hand and go wherever it leads me.

On this bright and sunny Easter morning, it led us right into Mass.  It was packed!  I knew it would be but WOW!  The ushers were everywhere helping people to find seats and pack us in tighter.  I had my Easter hat on and my husband and son looked short of regal in their dashing threads.  I felt almost giddy. Jesus is back!  Jesus is back and he came back because he loved us!  The service was beautiful and when Deacon S. announced “Christos Anesti!” in his sermon it gave me goosebumps.  I love to hear him speak.  He has an amazing way in the tones and inflections in his voice and he uses them masterfully.  He starts talking and my ears perk up.  It was such a great service…I loved every minute of it and I wonder where I will be in my knowledge and love for Christ next year.

Now, to the reality of sitting in a sea of people on Easter Sunday Mass…

Babies cried (there were three around us so it was like baby crying in stereo), it was stifling warm, the girl two pews ahead of me had on a denim miniskirt (seriously? on Easter?), my son cried when he couldn’t put the offering in the basket (broke my heart), and I had some random purse next to me on the pew, which left me with no place for my hat or purse except on the floor under my pew. Which after the service I needed to pray for grace and forgiveness since I learned the purse belonged to the lady in the pew behind us.  Grrr….I learned that coming to Church does not grant one the serenity of good manners.  I had to work hard to bite my tongue to not pipe up about that transgression.  I wouldn’t have cared had space not been at a premium and we were already squished in the pew as it was. I can’t imagine letting my purse sit there next to someone I don’t know, anywhere.  OK, got that out…pheww…I learned another lesson on not letting the small stuff get to you. On a lighter note, when we went to the front during communion for our blessings, my son started off to the left.  This is not usually an issue, we normally sit on the left side of the Church, but in this case we were on the right. Thankfully his suspenders came in handy, and I was able grab hold of them and bring him back to the right.  It have Fr.C and Deacon S. a chuckle.  Catholics do have a sense of humor.  🙂  Fr. C did make my day when he told me how beautiful I looked and that I should be in a ticker-tape parade in NYC! I thought that was so sweet of him!  He is becoming very dear to me, like a grandfather.  He is such a wonderful priest.

After Mass, the church had an Easter egg hunt which was a blast!  My son got a picture with the Easter bunny and collected a basket full of eggs.  It was so much fun watching him run out into the field and collect eggs as fast as he could.  He even found an egg with “winner” inside and he won an Easter basket of his choice!  He was so excited! 

Afterwards, we went to Chilli’s for lunch where I had the most sumptuous and delicious dessert ever…Chocolate Molten Lava Cake…ahhhh….Since chocolate was what I gave up for Lent and the final days were the hardest…I was dreaming of the day to have chocolate again…and it was SO worth it!  That is one of my favorite desserts in the whole world and it surely did not disappoint.

So, the clock is ticking down to RCIA classes.  I completed my commitment for Lent: Living Catholic (as Catholic as I technically could).  I know now that I can do it and I am embarking on the path that I hope will lead me full circle to the same place next year, only a confirmed Catholic.  I can’t wait!!  My journey continues!

I did have to add the picture of my son waiting for the Easter egg hunt to begin….so cute in his suspenders!


About Wandering the Path Home

This is the story of my return to the Catholic Church. I also have a blog, Back to First Position, documenting my journey as an adult beginner in ballet.
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One Response to Easter Mass

  1. jenniedee says:

    Aww! Your son looks so cute in his suspenders. Our parish was jam packed for Easter, too. In the pew in front of us was a family of three generations, with three adorable little boys. One was still a baby (I am so bad at guessing baby/kid ages) and was grinning the entire time, mostly facing us. It brought a smile to my face and to my husband’s too, and I hope someday we can be parents… so far infertility has been a huge obstacle.

    I will continue to pray for you and please keep us updated!

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