Seriously!  Where did the time go and why haven’t I been writing?  Well, I am sure I could come up with all kinds of wonderful and colorful explanations but I have just three…

1.  I let time get by me and didn’t manage my free time well.

2.  I am a procrastinator by nature.

3. I discovered a game on Facebook that I have spent my free time playing way too much. Seriously, I know that’s sad but the truth.

I am finding myself now taking some stock of things over the year and I greatly regret not blogging about my Catholic journey, as a good Catholic, I know it’s never too late.  So, I am going to pick it up again and get this out.

The past year has been such a beautiful experience and I don’t want to let the voice of that experience go silent. I am going to be writing about the most important times and events for me as I don’t want to forget them and I want to share with others in hopes it may bring them to the church.

So you ask what has been happening?  The most important is that I became Catholic at Easter Vigil!  I have my official papers and everything! Even though I did not keep to writing my blog as faithfully as I had intended, I did not fail in my responsibilities to attending RCIA and I kept copious notes.  I was very proud that I  missed only one RCIA class over the whole nine months it was held.  Since RCIA has ended I still feel like I should be whisking off to classes on Wednesday nights.  I don’t quite know what to do with myself now it has finished so I have been discerning what new responsibilities I can take on at the church.  One responsibility is that I will be helping out with RCIA next year in any way I can be of use.  Secondly, I am taking up the linen ministry and will be caring for some of the linens used at the weekly masses.  As in the way of the “Little Flower” of my church I think it is best to start small.  I need to spend time building up to the bigger things once I am more rooted in the parish and my Catholic faith and knowledge.  I am still attending our church’s Cenacle of Divine Mercy to keep me growing in my knowledge and faith.  I learn so much from them!  Just because I completed RCIA doesn’t mean I am finished but just beginning!  Finally, I really want to get this blog written with what I had intended, sharing my RCIA journey.  That is a ministry of evangelization in and of itself.  I hope I can keep that growing beyond what I have started.  Again, keeping in the spirit of the “Little Way” of St. Therese of Lisieux.

So, here I am again at that precipice waiting to walk in the door….


About Wandering the Path Home

This is the story of my return to the Catholic Church. I also have a blog, Back to First Position, documenting my journey as an adult beginner in ballet.
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